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MEP Hospitality Staffing is so much more than your average hospitality staffing agency!

MEP Hospitality Staffing is an international hospitality staffing agency with over 25 years of experience in the premium segment of the hospitality industry. MEP Hospitality Staffing has helped out high-end businesses of the hospitality industry by offering support with rigorously selected, well-trained and highly capable staff. During their time at the University of Hospitality Management in The Hague (The Netherlands), the founder of MEP Hospitality Staffing developed a exceptionally high understanding of what it takes to exceed expectations in a five star hospitality environment. Translating this in to a formula for providing well-trained staff to the hospitality industry during periods of high demand and shortage of staff.

“Inspiring, developing and connecting the future leaders of Hospitality”

That is our mission; a mission that translates the conviction of our team members within all different layers of our company to continuously look after each other, helping develop talents and inspiring to be the best you can be! This mission radiates togetherness, working as a T.E.A.M., having passion for the work that we do and being proud of working in the hospitality!